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District 3 Fire Department

    By resolution of the Town Board of Plattsburgh on July 1, 1971, Fire District No. 3 was formed. It was chartered on September 28, 1971. Kathryn Grube donated the land for the Wallace Hill Station, the Town of Plattsburgh provided land for the Hammond Lane Station. The members of the first Board of Commissioners, who took office on July 1, 1971, were as follows, Chairman: George Duprey, Secretary: Ken Dumas,Treasurer: Thomas Bushey, Commissioners: Leo Giroux; Gerald Garrard; Harold Alford, and Attorney: Allen Light.

    The first officers of the Department were, Chief: Ken Dumas, Assistant Chiefs: Roger Harwood and James Case, President: Homer Fournier, Vice President: Donald Rock, Secretary: Wendell Burnell, Treasurer: Bruce Eaton.

    Charter Members included, Floyd Dominy, Ezriel Reome, Wendell Burnell, Roger Harwood, Ken Dumas, George Giroux, Gary Gudz, Edward Goslow, George Benchskey, Marcel Giroux, Dennis Burnell and Calvin Haskins.

    In 1971 contracts were let for the building of the Wallace Hill Station, contracts for the Hammond Lane Station were let in 1972.

    The purchase of two 1,000 G.P.M. pumpers was arranged in 1971, with delivery taking place late in 1972. Civil Defense provided a surplus vehicle in July 1972. The Fire Department put a 3,000 gallon tank on the chassis and placed it into service in 1973 as a tanker for hauling water. The tank was donated by Wilcox & Holt.

    Fire District No. 3 became a member of the Clinton County Firemens Association on July 21, 1973. In the same year, a contract was let for a new custom 1,500 G.P.M. Pumper with a 1,000 gallon water tank. This truck was delivered in late 1978. Ernie Mason donated a vehicle to be used as a squad truck.

    In 1976 Civil Defense provided a 1953 Jeep to the Department, who put a 120 gallon tank and a cellar pump on it for grass fires and other off road emergencies.

    In October 1983 the commissioners purchased a 1972 Mack Aerialscope from the City of New York. The truck was refurbished and placed into service, thereby providing the Department with a 75 foot Aerial Platform.

Apparatus has been updated over the years as well as remodeling to both stations to keep with expanding needs of the district.



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